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On the eve of Double 11, as DAPU (Dapu), which is often compared to the "Chinese version of Muji", a "pornography" commercial was released. Some people criticized the DAPU commercial for playing a pornographic edge, while others claimed that it "reflects the real life of young people", and we "don't have to talk about sexual discoloration". DAPU's official Weibo also gave an explanation: Moral perspective aside, it seems to me that the fundamental problem with the DAPU Bulk SMS Service commercials is that six big marketing common sense mistakes are made at the same time. 01 Pretend to be youthful and impose sensitive topics According to netizens, the DAPU commercial plagiarized a foreign short film in 2016: the original film describes the emotional life of a couple in the bedroom. In addition to sex, there are plots such as cleaning the room, watching TV, playing games, and eating. Compared with the original film, you will find that the DAPU commercials plagiarize almost all the sex scenes, abandoning other life fragments of the original film. Obviously, this is a deliberate association between sex and DAPU, not the official "youth", "love" and "life". (It can be called "covering the ear and stealing the bell") At the beginning of its design, this commercial had a "foreshadowing" that violated the "Advertising Law". 02 In a hurry to gain fame, ignore brand associations The most basic principle of establishing brand associations is to first establish basic associations, and then establish additional associations. Basic association (functional value of the brand): brand identity, product category, reason for purchase, usage, etc.; Additional associations (emotional and spiritual value of the brand): brand image, brand personality, etc.

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